Zero Celsius – Irma Irsara

Italian artist Irma Irsara will be working on an experimental, ever-changing art piece in the Victorian ice wells at the London Canal Museum. She’ll be working in the space on a daily basis, using ice forms, melanix, organic material, video and lights, to create a time-based installation which reflects shifting and changing geographical boundaries as a result of climatic conditions.

This exhibition takes place in the
London Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Road, London N1 9RT
from the 28th November to the 18th December 2013

The work will be visible from above but there are also tours at certain times where it is possible to descend into the well. Advance booking is recommended. For further information and tour times please follow the link – tours.

Zero Celsius is now finished 

Limited edition prints of the work will soon be available

Header photos: Mark Nolan                       All images on the site Copyright © Irma Irsara or Mark Nolan. All rights reserved.


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